Boston’s Best New Cocktail Bars Of 2014

Boston’s Best New Cocktail Bars Of 2014

Going out on a Friday or Saturday night, for many people, often means searching for a great cocktail at any one of Boston’s countless great bars and restaurants. What do you do when you’ve exhausted all of the usual suspects, however, and want to hit up someplace new and exciting? Luckily, there are always new hotspots popping up on a daily basis here in Boston, with cocktail bars most definitely included. Here are some of 2014’s best new cocktail bars.

 Highball Lounge)

(Image: Highball Lounge)

Highball Lounge
90 Tremont St., 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 772-0202

Heading to downtown Boston for our first new cocktail spot, we hit up Highball Lounge, a joint located on Tremont Street in between Beacon Street and Bosworth. Music, fun and great cocktails are the marks of this popular new hangout, as Highball Lounge does its best to keep customers entertained, even going so far as to offer board games to increase socializing and stave off any fears of boredom. Not that this should pose an issue here at Highball Lounge; this is a fun and hip spot making a name for itself when it comes to new cocktail cool. The lounge opened in late 2013 and really came onto the scene in 2014.

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 The Merchant)

(Image: The Merchant)

The Merchant
60 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 482-6060

Staying in the downtown area of Boston for our next spot, The Merchant is located on Franklin Street near Downtown Crossing and combines fine dining with an equally fine cocktail selection for a memorable night out on the town. The elevated cocktail list at The Merchant pairs quite well with its French-inspired menu of duck dishes and steak frites delights, while the modern music and fun vibe keeps this new Boston hotspot from ever becoming too stuffy and unapproachable.

 Cathedral Station)

(Image: Cathedral Station)

Cathedral Station
1222 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 338-6060

Cathedral Station is located on Washington Street in the city’s South End district and is a great new spot for Boston’s gay community to meet up for a great cocktail with a fine, friendly atmosphere. The outdoor seating here at Cathedral Station makes this a great place to hit up during the warmer spring and summer months, while the friendly wait staff and delicious brunch service are two other added bonuses that make Cathedral Station a welcome addition for cocktails and drinks in the South End of Boston.

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 Wink & Nod on Facebook)

(Image: Wink & Nod on Facebook)

Wink & Nod
3 Appleton St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 482-0117

We stay in the South End of Boston for our next cocktail spot, another new opening with a unique name: Wink & Nod. Located on Appleton Street in between Tremont Street and Berkeley Street at Herald, Wink & Nod offers the sort of old school class and sophistication lost to many easy-going bars of the modern day, serving as the perfect upscale choice for a romantic dinner or fancy dinner with guests from out of town. Customers will have their choice of a large and varied cocktail list, while the preferential treatment given to guests by the courteous wait staff here at Wink & Nod hearkens back to an age gone by.

 Trophy Room)

(Image: Trophy Room)

Trophy Room
26 Chandler St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 482-3450

Trophy Room is a new cocktail and dinner spot taking up the spot that used to house the Fritz Lounge over on Chandler Street in the city’s South End. The dive bar charm of the Fritz has been replaced by an elevated, but still approachable, sense of style, while the Trophy Room balanced great cocktails and drinks with some seriously contender-worthy food. The typical wings and burger fare is all brought to a higher level via fresh and inventive ingredients, while the affordable cocktail list makes a trip to the Trophy Room a great night out that won’t break the bank.

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