Books for Cooks: Nose to Tail Cooking

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Books for Cooks: Nose to Tail Cooking


By Jenny McCoy—Chef Instructor, School of Pastry & Baking Arts


In our must-read cookbooks series, we’ve covered ingredient-focused books, vegetable bibles and the sweetest pastry selections. But there’s one area of the kitchen we’ve not yet touched, and that’s the meat section.

meat cookbooks

From butchery to charcuterie, simple pan sauces to showstopping roasts, animal proteins are an essential part of culinary education. As chefs become more aware of the quality of ingredients and the impact of their cooking from a sustainability perspective, respect for animal products is all the more important.


The following texts offer much for aspiring chefs and culinary professionals. Some contain advanced techniques that may go above and beyond the talents of home cooks, but they all will help readers gain a greater appreciation of where our food comes from.


Read on for Chef Jenny's favorite carnivorous cookbooks.