Boat Noodle

$ $
DPulze Shopping Centre
Cyberjaya, Selangor 63000


  • Make it a habit to have tupperware to let ppl take away
  • The best menu is ayutthaya noodles , drink will be thai green tea
  • Tak sedap. Kra-Pow chicken rice overprice. The noodle soup taste bad. Prefer going back to Aroi Thai.
  • Came here twice and service is getting more disappointing (more than 20 mins wait) on non-noodle dishes, which cost more. I'd prefer to go back to Aroi Thai since it's fast and cheap :/
  • Service slow tersangat sangat slow
  • Sucks, won't come back again!
  • Always slow. Very slow. Even it's good but so SLOW. Dont come here if you're hungry. Now it's 11:15 and I have waited for 30 minutes and the staff said because they have to wait for water to be hot.
  • the right choice for those don't want wait for being seated
  • Better come early of you want to eat sangkaya or anything other than rm1.90 mee. I come earlier also don't have what I want. Pathetic
  • Taste good. But for me it is a little bit overprice, RM2 for every tiny portion like that. It is not worth enough. Maybe just for snacking or hangout, but not when you are hungry
  • Place is half full but service is damn slow. I came at 1.10 pm and the waiter told me that my order would be slow. When I ask how slow (half an hour? An hour?) he could not give me a definite answer.
  • Yang kuah hitam tu sedap . X ingt ape name die . Hehhehe..
  • Most of menu items finished at 3pm, did not inform customer b4 place order, mobile app is cheating customers! Never states only applicable on weekends even at the shop
  • The noodles
  • Everything's good !
  • RM1.90 for the noodles seems like a gimmick. The chicken wings are good though. Must try !
  • So fun,I & Sister took two bowls
  • The best boat noodle.
  • Waited for almost half an hour, ended up they forgot my order. Not even a sorry from a arrogant looking bangla man.. Food is so so.. not that great either but very langsi staff.. It's gonna be my last
  • love the spicy beef noodle

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