Boardwalk Mall

3800 Boardwalk (at E. Garfield Ave.)
Wildwood, NJ 08260
(609) 972-6931


  • Pinball. 5 dollars for half hour! Fun. Owner was on Hoarders. In basement floor of mall!
  • Witnessed A-Hole in basement of moldy smelling hoarders room, bitch at a young girl for trying to take a cellphone picture of a busted old game. Avoid these nasty jerks.
  • They have many things I would never have thought of.
  • For all that the world has changed in the last twenty five years, there's a comfort in the tourist kitsch, the rock and roll t-shirts shop and the amazing vintage arcade in the basement.
  • the place for beach jewelry, wildwood gifts, old time photos, etc
  • The best necklaces on the shore!engraving is free!!
  • Boardwalk mall has some really great shops. And u can get ur picture taken old fashion style I highly recommend it.

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