BIRCUS Brewing and Blue Oven fermenting a circus.

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Two things only the people anxiously desire--bread and circuses. Juvenal (c. 55-127 AD)

Give Them Bread & Circus ~ Blue Oven Bakery and BIRCUS Brewing (PRNewsFoto/BIRCUS Brewing Company)

Two things only the people anxiously desire--bread and circuses. Juvenal (c. 55-127 AD)

LUDLOW, Ky., Dec. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Oven Bakery  and BIRCUS Brewing Company take a note from ancient Roman poet Juvenal to give customers "bread and circuses" with the added bonus of craft beer. Blue Oven has been providing grains to local breweries and distilleries for many years and now has become the largest investor to date in BIRCUS Brewing. Blue Oven has been baking incredible bread since 2007 and has won national awards from Chase Bank/Google (Mission Main Street), Martha Stewart (American Made Finalist), and Slow Food Society (Snail of Approval) and numerous local awards from Citybeat (Best of Cincinnati, multiple years/multiple categories), Ohio Valley Edible (Green Award & Farm to Fork Woman of the Year), and Cincy Magazine (Best Breads and Family Farm).

The synergies between BIRCUS Brewing and Blue Oven are extensive. Paul Miller, Co-Founder of Circus Mojo and BIRCUS Brewing, and Mark Frommeyer, Co-Founder of Blue Oven, caused a bit of trouble together in high school and each blazed a trail of their own creating dynamic businesses in Greater Cincinnati. According to Miller, "On November 25, we hit our first milestone of $150,000 of investments. This, along with all the necessary permits, gave us the green light to begin brewing. The search for a commercial brewer is our next milestone." With combined efforts from Blue Oven, BIRCUS Brewing and Circus Mojo, they are accepting applications for a Brewmaster with commercial experience who is open to advancing their recipe skills using local grains from Blue Oven.

Frommeyer says, "A recent Chase grant of $150,000 will be used to expand our grain-growing and milling operation, allowing us to provide the specific ingredients desired for BIRCUS beer." He went on to say, "Blue Oven is most interested in adding value to the Greater Cincinnati community through high quality food choices, dynamic business relationships, and the joy of working with a diversity of people in a positive way."  Out of 25,000 businesses that applied nationwide, Blue Oven was one of twenty grant recipients. This grant will foster the business model of both Miller and Frommeyer to build grassroots, community-driven products.

BIRCUS is the first brewing company in the USA and the first company in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to qualify its offering under Tier 1 of Regulation A+ with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). BIRCUS qualified its offering with the SEC of $500,000 in equity units at a fixed price of $1,000 per unit. The offering is being made in accordance with the rules of Regulation A+, Tier 1, Title IV of the JOBS Act.

The beauty of the Regulation A+ status is that eligible investors residing in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana can invest in BIRCUS for as little as a $1,000 per unit. Individuals residing outside these three states still may create an investor login to learn more about expansion plans and other investment options.

Gourmet Renee LLC also has been certified as a "Qualified Small Business" with the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA). The Angel Investment Act requires a minimum investment of $10,000 and gives investors a 40 percent tax credit to invest in BIRCUS  

Simply put, you do not need to be a millionaire to back BIRCUS. Over half of the 500 units have been sold thus far to investors exemplifying the Regulation A+ status: a butcher, designer, soldier, professor, singer, retired telephone lineman, librarian, artist, hotel manager, doctor, lawyer, delivery driver, and circus performer are just a few of the 40 plus people who have invested in BIRCUS. To be a part of this grassroots business venture, visit for brewer/investment information.

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