An old saying in Beijing is that “food cures better than medicine.” Not only does Beijing cuisine have at least 20 different cooking methods – fried, boiled, stew, burnt, baked, steamed and so on – but it also provides all necessary human nutrition. Spring Pancakes are one of the most popular foods there. Baking the bread dough as a skin, they cook a lot of vegetables, such as leaks and bean sprouts, and then roll them in the Pancake. The vegetable stir-fry provides all the vitamins, cellulose and protein people need. Eating the Spring Pancakes can help people find old memories and stories because many famous restaurants, called “China Time-honored Brand,” are located in the center of the old districts. Having grown up in a big family with famous chefs for generations ever since my grand grand-father, I was inborn with the mission of keeping the inheritance of traditional food culture. I used to combine culture and history together. Besides getting to know the food cooking skills and the history stories behinds them, I also wanted to study the vicissitudes and protection of traditional culture. Influenced by my past experience, I would like to blend literature with culture in my study.
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Satsumas are a sweet, juicy, and easy-to-peel citrus. In this colorful stir-fry, satsuma peel adds intense flavor, satsuma juice is used to create a rich sauce, and segments of satsuma provide a final burst of citrus. Prep all of your ingredients before starting to cook so it's ready to go as this cooks in merely minutes.
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Seared Divers Scallops with Vegetable Stir Fry
Quickly seared scallops develop a beautiful crust like the ones in this vegetable stir fry recipe. 
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