Top Rated Oven-Fried Chicken Recipes

Some say the best way to marinate fried chicken is in a buttermilk batter, which has acidic components that make the meat tender and flavorful. Unfortunately for those who try to cut calories by "oven-frying," buttermilk doesn't always work. This recipe uses Greek yogurt mixed with mustard, garlic, and seasonings, so that there's not only acid to break down the chicken and make it juicy, but added flavor from the yogurt and mustard.  Click here to see more recipes that use Greek yogurt.
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Oven-Fried Chicken
I first made Shake N Bake chicken when I was about 10, along with a vegetable casserole from my Care Bears Cookbook. It actually didn't turn out that badly. Later on, I got my North Carolinian grandmother's recipe for fried chicken which calls for peanut oil and, while great, is impossible for a weeknight. As a compromise, I developed this oven-fried chicken recipe over the years. The breadcrumb-flour mixture is easy and all the black pepper kind of reminded me of KFC Original Recipe.
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Wheat Germ Oven-Fried Chicken
Here’s a crispy, crunchy oven-fried chicken recipe from Kretschmer that won’t leave your guests feeling liked they missed out on the real thing. We've double-dipped it — first in wheat germ and then in crushed corn flakes — to give it that nice, crunchy outside that makes traditional fried chicken irresistible.Click Here to See More Wheat Germ Recipes
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