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Mini Mediterranean Chicken Meatloaf with Chimichurri
When it's brisk outside and only a hefty meal will warm me, meatloaf is one of the first dishes I crave. Now that it's warm out, the demand for meatloaf has waned, and meals are replaced with salads, sandwiches, and light pastas. A shame, if you ask me.Must we toss the glorious soul-nurturing dish aside until next snowfall, like a piece of… uh, meat? Absolutely not. That is why there are these mini Mediterranean chicken meatloaves.This recipe transforms traditional meatloaf into a healthier and lighter dish, all the while keeping it satisfying and absolutely delicious. Ground chicken is a nutritious alternative to beef, and the fresh vegetables, herbs, and mozzarella just add flavor.A trick I learned in the test kitchen at Fine Cooking is to replace breadcrumbs with quick oats. Beyond helping to maintain the loaf's shape, the oats actually moisten the meat, even when using lean ground chicken.And chimichurri is a fantastic accompaniment. Yes, I know that chimichurri originated in Argentina, which is not the Mediterranean. But after trying countless variations when I lived in Buenos Aires, I couldn't ignore that the bright flavor of my chimichurri — which calls for basil instead of oregano — is the perfect match regardless of its origin. 35 Chicken Recipes for Busy Weeknights101 Ways to Cook Chicken  
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I decided to make these delicious caramelized shallot meatloaf muffins as individual servings. This way I can freeze the leftovers and just take out one at a time to enjoy later. You can also form this meatloaf on a baking sheet or use a loaf pan. As a bigger meatloaf, I would bake for 45-55 minutes. Click here to see more recipes on Cindy's Table.
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Meatloaf Meatballs Recipe
These meatloaf meatballs use coconut flour, instead of all-purpose. Serve with spaghetti squash to keep this easy slow-cooker meal gluten-free.Danielle Walker is the founder of and bestselling cookbook author of Against All Grain and Meals Made Simple. Find more recipes at
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One of the most classic recipes that uses ketchup in it is meatloaf, and Ramadan and Norton add their own spin to it using their artisanal ketchup products. The best part about meatloaf? It uses ketchup as an ingredient, and for its original purpose, as a condiment.
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Meatloaf recipe
The phrase "Ma! The meatloaf!" will be thrown around in all seriousness in your household after you make this unlikely dinner hero. This recipe was developed in the Quaker kitchens in the '50s, and, according to the brand, remains one of their 'most requested' recipes. Says Quaker: "Using oats in place of bread crumbs gives this meatloaf a moist texture and adds a nutrition boost of B vitamins, protein, and fiber. Warm and deliciously hearty, this is a recipe your whole family will love!"Recipe courtesy of Quaker Oats.21 Timeless Midwestern Recipes 
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Cracker Barrel Meatloaf Recipe
Recipe Source: Copycat Restaurant RecipesIngredients:10 lbs. ground beef30 oz. chopped onion1 lb. diced green peppers10 eggs5 Tbsp. salt1 1/2 Tbsp. pepper1 1/2 qt. diced canned tomatoes2 1/4 cups grated biscuit crumbs Click here to see our best Meatloaf recipes
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Mini Turkey Meatloaf with Ranch Potatoes and Broccoli
Mini Turkey Meatloaf with Ranch Potatoes and Broccoli - is the perfect homemade meal when you’re craving something comforting and delicious.  Healthy and well-balanced with lean protein, tons of veggies and loads of yummy flavor!
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Equally as good as the classic
Most everyone has an opinion about meatloaf. Some love its homey comfort made from their mom’s recipe. Some think of it as a heavy-duty boring blast from the past. Some would never eat it. Enter rice and lentil loaf with mass appeal! Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or trying to cut meat from your meals more often (think Meatless Monday), this loaf is a great option for you to try. Whatever your opinion of the classic dish, this recipe is meatloaf-like enough for fans, but different enough for meatloaf foes. The addition of rice, lentils and vegetables makes it a healthy dish, and although it has almost the same texture as meatloaf, it gives you the chance to try something a little out-of-the ordinary. Best of all, the leftovers are amazing, cold and straight from the fridge!  
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For an easy addition to meatloaf instead of bread crumbs, try adding some crumbled Ritz Crackers.
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