Top Rated Marrow Recipes

Homemade Beef Stock
I adore this recipe, even though it takes two days to make. Yep! That is right, two days. You could hurry things along and do it in a day, if you don’t have the time, but it is worth making the time for this recipe. What takes so long is that there is roasting and simmering that takes place... The longer I do each step, the more intense this recipe gets. And how it smells while cooking is insanely good. Usually when I am planning a "stock making" weekend, I plan to do other things around the house that need to be done, so I don’t feel like it was a wasted weekend. Or, I indulge, by making stock and enjoying a few good movies or a book. Head to the butcher and pick up your ingredients and then kick back and enjoy yourself; as soon as you pour yourself a bowl of soup made with this stock you will be thanking yourself (and me).   Click here to see The Principles of Making Stock.
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Braised Beef
Dario Cecchini, the legendary butcher of Panzano in Chianti, offered me this recipe, which, he explained, is povera only in the sense that the shank is an inexpensive cut of meat. Long, slow cooking transforms it into a superbly flavorful dish. Ask your butcher to butterfly the meat, remove the bone, and saw it in half lengthwise to make the marrow easier to remove. Save the bone halves in the freezer for making stock.
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Roasted Marrow Bone
Roasted marrow bones are a rich treat that one usually only sees in fine restaurants. Chef Brian McBride from the Blue Duck Tavern shares his easy recipe for this impressive dish.
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Each of the drinks below should be served in tasting-sized glasses (approximately 50 milliliters), so assume that each recipe serves two drinks. After all, Chivas is always a drink that is best enjoyed when shared. The overall inspiration for the drinks recipes was to highlight the rich, smooth taste of Chivas across the range along with seasonal flavors whilst playing around with taste sensations and textures. Below are the recipes for the drinks with the techniques for producing them. This is followed by the reasoning for why they were chosen specifically to pair with these modern British dishes created by the chef at Mews of Mayfair, perfectly celebrating the finest ingredients and flavors of the season. — Max Warner, global brand ambassador for Chivas
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