Vegan Kale and Black Sesame Sushi Bowl
This is clean food. Nutty brown sushi rice provides the comforting base for a colorful, satisfying bowl of crisp, zingy, taste-popping flavors. It’s the kind of food I crave for a weekday lunch when I need sustenance for running around. There are a couple of Japanese places in London where they do a bento box full of rice, avocado, and seaweed, which I often pick up on the fly.If I’m at home, though, or if I have time the night before, I make this; it’s as good cold as it is warm. I have written the recipe to serve two but you can double it for a dinner for four — it’s a perfectly complete one-bowl light dinner on a sunny day.Black sesame seeds are pretty dark blue-black seeds and have a distinct, deeper sesame taste than their white counterparts. Black sesame seeds are high in both vitamin E and antioxidants. I buy black sesame seeds from Chinese or Japanese food stores or spice shops. If you can’t find them, just use some well-toasted white ones instead. — Anna Jones, author of A Modern Way to Eat.
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the simple green smoothie formula Rebel Kitchen
The crew at Rebel Kitchen loves their greens almost as much as they love their coconut mylks. If you’re not down for chewing on raw spinach, this smoothie is your new best friend. Blended with some fruity additions and fancy toppings, you’ll begin to ​love kale as much as the rest of the world. ​Use mylk instead of water for an added nutrient boost and hint of sweet.
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Three kinds of green leaves deliver potent nutrition in an easy-to-drink blend of fresh apple. Use tart green apples to lower the sugar content if you like.
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Spinach-Filled Crepes
These lovely stuffed crepes serve a crowd of smoked salmon lovers, but also satisfy vegetarians if you leave a portion of the sauce without the fish. They’re ideal for brunch, as they are easy to make and store ahead. You can make the three parts the night prior and assemble in the morning, or fill the crepes and store them in the fridge in a casserole dish for a night or two. Either way, the result is simple brunch decadence. 
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Pan Bagnat with Grilled Peppers and Basil Vinaigrette
This classic Provençal sandwich, which means "soaked bread" in the ancient Nice dialect, is nothing more than a Salade Niçoise served between two pieces of bread. In the old days, it was considered to be a humble food, made with ingredients that every household would have on hand. But today pan bagnat is fashionable fare. And for good reason: It makes an extraordinarily delicious and satisfying meal. In my version, the grilled peppers add a bit of depth to this simple sandwich, and the basil vinaigrette soaks the whole thing with its ambrosial fragrance — making it the quintessential summer sandwich!
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Sweet and Spicy Raspberry Salad with Honey Vinaigrette
I know, I know. I’m using raspberries and they’re so not in season in October but I just had to toss them into this dish. We had to say goodbye to fresh raspberries from the garden a few weeks ago, but I thought we could all use a little sweetness to start the week off. See all salad recipes.
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Apricot Orange Chicken Lettuce Wraps
After working outside in 85-plus degree weather all day, and coming into this awesome and healthy meal, you'll be in heaven. This meal is slightly spicy, citrusy, delicious, and refreshing! Best of all, it's not too bad for you!I threw this dinner together while my 2-year-old ate her lunch and stuck it on high. It looks so pretty in the slow cooker (I know, I'm weird!). It was ready five hours later! This is definitely something I would make over and over again and even for company.One small warning — they are very juicy and you will need plenty of napkins as you're eating them. My husband ate his on tortillas instead of lettuce and it was less of a mess. You can stick to the healthy version with the lettuce, or use the tortilla like he did!Onto the good stuff...See all wrap recipes.
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Cozy Winter Soup with Fennel Sausage, Leeks, White Beans, and Rapini
Once autumn arrives and the cool weather and dark evenings take over, I crave a hearty one-bowl supper to warm my spirit. I make some version of this nourishing and flavorful soup throughout the colder months, and I always have leftovers in mind. I like to make this soup on a quiet Sunday, then tuck individual servings into the fridge or freezer for quick belly-warming lunches to last throughout the week. The flavors continue to deepen over the following days. — Erin Scott, Yummy SupperClick Here to See More Soup Recipes
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