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Rogan Josh
“Whenever I mention the Indian dish rogan josh to my friend Stacey, I accidentally call it Josh Rogan, and she says, “Who? What?” because she knows it’s called rogan josh. We finally realized I was reversing the names because of Seth Rogen—and then Stacey was confusing him with Josh Groban. And maybe there really is something in a name. “Rogan” means oil in Persian and “josh” means heat or passionate. Perhaps rogan josh is an aphrodisiac? I know it makes me feel good all over, and it’s so luxurious, it makes me want to marry myself.” — Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed Weeknights.For more recipes from Melissa Joulwan, click here.This recipe is reprinted with permission from Well Fed Weeknights: Complete Paleo Meals in 45 Minutes or Less by Melissa Joulwan, copyright © 2016. Distributed by Greenleaf Book Group. To buy a copy of the book, click here.
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To me, the ultimate diner breakfast isn’t the eggs you find there, but instead it’s the potatoes, especially when they’re in the form of home fries. In this mac and cheese, those home-fried potatoes get their just due by acting as the crowning glory on the creamy, cheesy pasta underneath. I don’t have to wonder what Dr. Atkins would have said about a potato-on-pasta dish, but this is one splurge worth its weight in carbs.
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Steak and eggs is the quintessential manly breakfast, and this recipe kicks it up a notch with a charred steak and grilled home fries. 
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