Top Rated Fried Ice Cream Recipes

Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Fried Ice Cream
Go to Google and search bacon. About 178,000,000 results, right? Now search sex. About 3,050,000,000 results (at least by last night's count). So there are some 17 times more results for sex than bacon. That's still a pretty good ratio considering the motivating factor of the human race. So it's no surprise bacon recipes do well, and no surprise bacon-wrapped recipes do well. That's one reason The Daily Meal's Cook editors assigned a week of Recipe SWAT Team to bacon-wrapped recipes (if only there could be a bacon-wrapped sex recipe, but this is a PG-rated site... shh!). When thinking about all the ridiculous, yet tasty and fun bacon-wrapped recipes we could create, one challenge came to mind amongst The Daily Meal's staff: Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Fried Ice Cream. Just saying. There are all kinds of ridiculous reasons to do try this recipe, but mostly you should try it: 1) because if you don't have one it's a great excuse to go buy a reasonably priced countertop deep-fryer, 2) you're wrapping something with bacon that shouldn't be wrapped with bacon and then fried, and 3) see one and two, but with the dessert factor thrown into the mix. Fair warning... for this recipe you need: (per that first reason) a deep-fryer, patience, and a healthy degree of self-restraint — cereal-crusted ice cream tastes really good even before it's deep-fried. Two more things to think about before you get started. Many recipes cite a Mexican fried ice cream said to have originated at Chi Chi's. That recipe and many others call for vanilla ice cream and Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Truth is, there are worlds of other possibilities. Think of every ice cream flavor and cereal combination you can. We're talking strawberry ice cream and Fruit Loops and chocolate ice cream and Kellogg's Corn Pops. Everything goes. Many recipes also call for coconut flakes and or nuts. This one doesn't. It's a four-ingredient deep-fried bacon-wrapped fried ice cream. That's it... just four. Click here to see Dress Your Food in Bacon and Bacon Fat.
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