Top Rated Fish Stew Recipes

This soulful stew with crisp bread slices makes an elegant meal that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. If you prefer, you can substitute an additional cup of stock for the wine. Click here to see 5 Fall Seafood Stew Recipes
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Dalmatian fish stew
It takes a special touch to make this dish, and it’s usually the head of the household who prepares brudet in Croatia. You will need to use at least three different types of fish. Reef and rock fish with white flesh are the best. This dish is serious business and it takes time to master. This is a good recipe that really works — in my opinion, it works wonders. I hope you enjoy it. Dobar tek! — Ino Kuvačić, author of Dalmatia
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Fish stew
This dish oozes of a seaside summer! The secret to this recipe is in the fish stock. If you have time over the weekend, make it advance so you can just throw everything together at the last minute and you’ll have a really hearty, summer stew. If you’re short on time, though, ask your local market where to find the best fish stock.
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Combining classic Creole seasonings and a fragrant roux, this streamlined stew delivers the flavors of the famous seafood jambalaya served in New Orleans. Substitute any mild, white fish for the cod, such as monkfish, rockfish, or halibut. Add clams or crawfish or even a bit of spicy sausage. Or serve as is with crusty bread and a fruity white wine. Click here to see 5 Fall Seafood Stew Recipes
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