Top Rated Denver Omelette Recipes

Denver Omelette
The humble Denver omelette isn't really the first thing that comes to mind these days at brunch. It's definitely not trendy, and it doesn't have any exotic ingredients in it (fiddlehead fern omelettes, anyone?). But even though it's practically been consigned to generic hotel breakfasts and airline tray table fare (albeit, in first class), like many underestimated and long-forgotten American classics, it too can be good eats if done right. Plus, it makes a pretty decent hangover cure. I splurged and bought some applewood-smoked Virginia ham and Cabot clothbound Cheddar, but you can do this with regular old ham and Cheddar, too. Serve this with a side of greens to make yourself feel a bit better, as I did below, or just some good old buttered toast. Click here to see Lazy Sunday Brunch Recipes.
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