Top Rated Danish Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Skewers
The combination of chicken, Buffalo sauce, and blue cheese is one of the most classic ones out there, yet it's most frequently eaten in the traditional manner: Fry the chicken wings, toss them in wing sauce, and dunk them in blue cheese dressing. But there are still plenty of ways to get your Buffalo fix without having to bust out the deep-fryer. These Buffalo chicken skewers use ground chicken, which is much leaner than wings, mixes the sauce and blue cheese right into the mix, and gets a bake in the oven. Not only are they great for parties, they're also a whole lot less greasy than their bony bretheren! Click here to see 6 Easy Recipes Worth Shaking a Stick At.
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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish
Perfect for breakfast or brunch during the holidays. This recipe takes frozen puffy pastry to create this flaky pumpkin cream cheese-filled danish.Recipe courtesy of McCormick 
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 Ball Park Zesty Black & Blue Burger
Elevate your burger with chopped bacon, spicy seasonings, and a hearty helping of Danish blue cheese for a burger that knocks it out of the park.
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Danish Kringle
This Scandinavian pastry comes in all shapes and sizes, and can vary in filling, too. This recipe, which won Pillsbury's Bake-Off in 1994, creates a salty and sweet combination with chopped pecans and brown sugar, and a refrigerated pie crust makes it easy as ever to create. 
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