Top Rated Crostata Recipes

Barberries play a large role in Persian cooking. The dried fruit can be used to add a tart flavor to any savory or sweet dish or dessert.Recipe courtesy of McCormick.
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Apple Walnut Crostata
This crostata is a rustic version of apple pie with crunchy California walnuts.
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Grab a Plate
When someone says “as easy as pie,” they’ve never baked with my mom. This Apple Crostata with Oat Crumble Topping is easy to make…it was just hard to pin down! The Perfect Mixture This recipe is really a cross between a pie and a crostata (“pietata,” anyone?). Whatever you call it, it’s my mom’s hard-captured recipe, worth every bit of the wrestling I had to do to get it down in print. Whether you call this pie or crostata, you’ll probably use “delicious” to describe it. This recipe makes enough dough for two, 9.5-inch pie pans (or crostatas) and enough filling for one. You can freeze the remaining dough for up to two months. If you don’t want to use a pie pan for this recipe, roll out your dough into a large circle (about 11-12 inches) then place it on a baking sheet. Add the apple filling to the center of the dough, and fold and pleat it all the way around as you would if you were following the instructions below.  
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Nectarine Crostata
What could be better for a summertime party than individual tarts filled with the best stone fruit of the season? When it comes to making truly good tarts, you won't want to cut corners, which is why we make everything from scratch.
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