Top Rated Comfort Food Recipes

Growing up taco night always meant Old El Paso with its distinctive Mexican seasoning and "sauce." People always ask, "How can you improve on something perfect?" Well, I suggest experimenting because you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take. Potentially, I could create the world's greatest ground beef taco from this week's recipe challenge (likely not). Click here to see the Cozy Comfort Food Recipes story.
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Eggplant Parmigiana with Sausage
This is a classic Italian comfort food dish that is sure to hit the spot on a chilly evening. For the best results, while in the market, make sure to choose large, bulbous Italian eggplants with fewer seeds, toss them in your hand, and select the ones that feel relatively lighter. Look for shiny skins and no soft spots or bruises. See all sausage recipes.
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