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Roasted Chicken
Because I’m a food writer who can’t cook, Chevrolet wanted to try to change that by pairing me up with chef Kyle Schutte for a day to learn how to make a simple meal. Schutte made Food Network history on Cutthroat Kitchen when he became the first contestant in the show to make it through the competition without bidding on a single sabatoge, successfully winning the full $25,000 prize. He now owns his own restaurant in Beverly Hills, The Flats, focused on artisanal flatbreads, unique house-cured meats, and inventive craft cocktails fit for your Instagram feed. Froze in pineapple copper cups, anyone? Schutte, who visits his local farmers market weekly, started a “52 Weeks at the Market” blog on his website. I accompanied him to the Hollywood Farmers Market and teach me how to pick out fresh produce for his personal roasted chicken and glazed root vegetables and seasonal salad recipe. We hopped in our Chevy Malibu for the adventure and then returned to his restaurant where he gave me a one-on-one cooking lesson. Here's one of the two simple recipes that he is sharing with The Daily Meal exclusively.
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