Top Rated Braised Cabbage Recipes

Dish with Diane: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Braised Cabbage with Jalapeños
Dish with Diane — a series all about getting healthy and delicious foods right from world-class chefs themselves, brings you this braised cabbage recipe. “I love cabbage, and this is my favorite way to cook it. The flavors of these spices and the addition of tomato and jalapeño make it addictive. I have eaten a bowl of this on its own; I have paired it with chicken; I have even put a mound of it on a turkey sandwich instead of regular coleslaw. While I appreciate the romance of using fresh tomatoes in most cases, I actually welcome the juices from the can in this recipe. It’s almost as if the tomatoes sink in and become a part of the cabbage party much faster this way. This is not a dish that needs to cook forever because you develop deep flavors as you go along, especially when you toast the spices in the beginning to wake them from their deep sleep in your kitchen cabinet.” — Alex Guarnaschelli, Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook Click here for more Dish with Diane: Chef Inspired Healthy with Alex Guarnaschelli. Or click here to watch the video.  
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