Top Rated Bolognese Sauce Recipes

Bolognese Sauce
This recipe is a truly classic Italian dish, and like any traditional should be, this one was passed down to me by my father. The key to this meat sauce is to follow the process and build layers of flavor as you go. Start with the aromatics, then add the seasonings, then the meat, then the tomatoes, and so on. There are two slightly unusual ingredients in this bolognese — the first is a touch of concentrated beef base (which really kicks the rich, meaty flavor of the sauce up a few notches), and the second is milk (swirling in a splash at the end rounds out the flavor and adds a luxurious feel to the dish). Finish each serving with freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and serve alongside a hunk of crusty bread to mop up the sauce.
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Chicken livers are the secret to the Bolognese, shhhh… The sweetness of the peppers, onion, and basil, and the salty tang of gorgonzola is the perfect foil to Pasta alla Fantasia. — Cooking and the Career GirlFor more recipes like this one, visit Cooking and the Career Girl.
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