The Best Pie Recipes For The Holiday Season

With the holiday season, there are many things that put us in a warm, cozy spirit. Whether it's curling up with a pumpkin spice latte and novel or sipping some eggnog with family, nothing beats having a freshly baked pie in the house. Warm up the home with the heat of the oven and enjoy the scent and flavors of these great pie recipes.

Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a classic Southern recipe that also happens to be a staple at holiday get-togethers. If you like sticky-sweet pies with a bit of crunch to them, this is the perfect recipe to follow.

For the Pecan Pie recipe, click here.

Chocolate Chess Pie

If chocolate is the first thing you go for when you're craving sweets, then this chocolate chess pie is sure to make your day. Turn to this recipe when you need to use up the eggs in your fridge, because this recipe uses a lot of eggs.

For the Chocolate Chess Pie recipe, click here.

Tart Cherry Amaretto Pie

Refrigerated pie crust comes in handy when you don't have time to make it from scratch, but for this tart cherry amaretto pie, you'll have to prep a couple of days in advance and make your own crust. Have fun designing your own lattice top crust for this one.

For the Tart Cherry Amaretto Pie recipe, click here.

Easy Sugar Cream Pie

While sugar is often a culprit in foods you should avoid for a healthier diet, it's also important to treat yourself and enjoy your favorite desserts during the holidays. This easy sugar cream pie should definitely be enjoyed with family and friends.

For the Easy Sugar Cream Pie recipe, click here.

Spelt Sour Cherry Pie

This spelt sour cherry pie recipe is divided into three steps for the crust, the filling and the topping, making it easy to follow. If you like cherries but you'd rather them in cookies, cakes and breads instead, here are our best cherry dessert recipes.

For the Spelt Sour Cherry Pie recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Chocolate Tart

If you usually don't like the flaky dough crust of pies and prefer graham cracker or chocolate crusts instead, then this pumpkin chocolate tart is going to be your new favorite. Get your canned pumpkin puree out and your taste buds ready — this one is irresistible.

For the Pumpkin Chocolate Tart recipe, click here.

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is an iconic state food, and it's always fun to put a twist on classic recipes. This recipe adds a favorite sweet ingredient: chocolate.

For the Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe, click here.

Sweet Potato Pie

There are tons of potato recipes out there, but a potato recipe that doubles as dessert? Yes, please. This sweet potato pie is similar in texture to a pumpkin pie and has hints of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.

For the Sweet Potato Pie recipe, click here.

Apple Cinnamon Cookie Pie

Calling all cookie fans, this apple treat is a cookie turned into a pie, made with Granny Smith apples and a creamy vanilla glaze. Cut into slices and serve it the same way you'd serve a pie.

For the Apple Cinnamon Cookie Pie recipe, click here.

Cranberry-Apple Cobbler Pie

There won't be any need to burn the cranberry apple candle you bought to bring the scent of autumn to your home. Instead, bake this cranberry-apple cobbler pie filled with autumnal spices and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For the Cranberry-Apple Cobbler Pie recipe, click here.

Classic Apple Pie

Of course, you can't go through fall or winter without the classic all-American apple pie. Instead of using apples you can find year-round, opt for apples you can only find in the fall.

For the Classic Apple Pie recipe, click here.

Butterfinger Campfire Pie

So it might be easier to make s'mores during your backyard camping adventure, but this Butterfinger campfire pie made with Butterfinger candy bars will make you feel like you're sitting by the fire.

For the Butterfinger Campfire Pie recipe, click here.

Red Wine Poached Pear Tart

If you want to make dinner at home feel like a restaurant, then adding a fancy dessert to the end of the meal is a must. This red wine poached pear tart is sweet and buttery, complete with an almond filling.

For the Red Wine Poached Pear Tart recipe, click here.

Fried Apple Hand Pies

Whether you want something sweet when you're on the go, or you want to make servings easier to handle, these fried apple hand pies are ideal. Make them for your next game night dinner party or whenever you have guests over.

For the Fried Apple Hand Pies recipe, click here.

Tart Cherry Pie with Spiced Pie Crust

The nice part about baking is that recipes often call for pantry staples that last a long time. The next time you're craving something a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, all you'll need are some thawed frozen cherries and a whole lot of pantry staples.

For the Tart Cherry Pie with Spiced Pie Crust recipe, click here.

Pear and Cranberry Crumble Pie

Cinnamon and berries are two foods you should eat every day, so why not have them in your desserts? This pear and cranberry crumble pie sounds irresistibly sweet.

For the Pear and Cranberry Crumble Pie recipe, click here.

Vanilla Walnut Pie

Sometimes, the berry pies can get to be too much. If that's the case, try this vanilla walnut pie for a sweet, nutty, cheesecake-like pie. Pair it with your favorite fall-flavored coffee.

For the Vanilla Walnut Pie recipe, click here.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie With Pepita Crust

One of the main Thanksgiving grocery shopping tips is to plan ahead. This year, make sure pepitas are on your shopping list — you can use them to spruce up the classic pumpkin pie with pepita crust.

For the Spiced Pumpkin Pie With Pepita Crust recipe, click here.

Chocolate Mint Crownie Pie

If it's usually hard for you to make up your mind about which desserts to have, then why not enjoy three in one? This chocolate mint crownie pie will be a joy to bake whether you're an amateur baker or an expert — its name comes from the fun combination of brownie, chocolate chip cookie and pie.

For the Chocolate Mint Crownie Pie recipe, click here.

Eggnog Cream Cheese Pie

This eggnog cream cheese pie is a no-bake recipe, so you'll be able to use the oven for all your main dishes while dessert sets in the fridge.

For the Eggnog Cream Cheese Pie recipe, click here.

Cranberry Curd Tart

This cranberry curd tart looks so fancy it might seem like it's hard to make, but you'd be surprised how easy it is. Have fun with the curled strips of orange zest to decorate the top of the tart.

For the Cranberry Curd Tart recipe, click here.

Chocolate Peppermint Truffle Tart

Once the Halloween candy is off the store shelves, out come the bags and boxes of peppermint-flavored chocolate and candies. This chocolate peppermint truffle tart is for the peppermint pattie lovers out there.

For the Chocolate Peppermint Truffle Tart recipe, click here.

Reduced Sugar Cranberry Apple Streusel Pie

One healthy habit that will keep you feeling young is to work on reducing the amount of sugar you consume. If you're trying to cut down on sugar, this cranberry apple streusel pie is a great option that's still plenty sweet thanks to the use of stevia.

For the Reduced Sugar Cranberry Apple Streusel Pie recipe, click here.

Cherry Lattice Pie

You might think of cherry pies as a staple summertime treat, but this cherry lattice pie is perfect for any time of year and is one of the best desserts you can make from frozen or canned fruit.

For the Cherry Lattice Pie recipe, click here.

Eggnog Pie

When the cocktail bars start bringing out the eggnog specials, it's time for you to bake up the eggnog pies. This eggnog pie does need to be baked, but it will turn out creamy and rich. Slice and serve at your Christmas and New Year's get-togethers.

For the Eggnog Pie recipe, click here.

Maple Syrup 'n Mix Nut Pie

There are lots of ingredients that make pancakes better, and maple syrup is a must-have. So why not use the sticky sweet condiment in your pies too? Oh, and did we mention this maple syrup 'n mix nut pie is finished off with maple whipped topping?

For the Maple Syrup 'n Mix Nut Pie recipe, click here.

Chocolate Cream Pie with Praline Sauce

If one of your favorite childhood treats was a Moon Pie, then this recipe will be your next go-to when you bake. The chocolate cream pie is topped with a caramel praline sauce and marshmallow meringue.

For the Chocolate Cream Pie with Praline Sauce recipe, click here.

Turtle Pie

This one might sound like something you'd get at a pastry shop, but with this easy-to-follow turtle pie recipe, you'll be able to make it in your own kitchen. With the mix of caramel pecan filling and chocolate ganache to coat the top, this might be the first to go at your family gatherings.

For the Turtle Pie recipe, click here.

Blackberry Pie

Berries are a healthy brain food you should add to your diet, so why not add them in the form of a pie? This blackberry pie has the perfect flaky crust and is filled with a rich, fruity filling.

For the Blackberry Pie recipe, click here.

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