Our 30 Best Holiday Pies

When it comes to the holidays, eating delicious food comes first and foremost! From Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas Eve ham and Hanukkah latkes, so many celebrations involve eating something delicious. But while many festivities center around the savory offerings on the table, for many the real treat and holiday highlight comes last, but not least!

Our 30 Best Holiday Pies Recipes 

Pie, with flaky crust and sweet filling, topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream (or à la mode if that's more your style) is simply the perfect make-ahead dish that will ensure any holiday meal ends on a high note.

Pies come in all shapes and sizes, so anyone who says they don't like pie has obviously been living a rather sheltered life. From seasonal classics like apple pie, pecan and pumpkin, to less traditional holiday pies like chocolate chiffon, sugar cream and Buckeye, there's an incredible variety of delicious pies that are perfect for the holidays. With a failsafe pie crust recipe up your sleeve and a whole list of inspiring recipes—both traditional and twists on the classics, you can't go wrong with our 30 best holiday pie recipes!