Bean-to-Bar: Chocolate in 10 Steps

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Bean-to-Bar: Chocolate in 10 Steps

Michael Laiskonis—Creative Director


What’s the latest news from Brookfield Place? The Chocolate Lab at ICE’s new facility is fully operational, and chocolate making on our bean-to-bar Cacao Cucina equipment has begun in earnest. Batches both large and small are ready for tasting, featuring beans from a wide range of origins, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Trinidad and the Ivory Coast. And after many a dark chocolate batch, our first milk chocolate just rolled off the assembly line – with a heady 50% cocoa solids.

Raw Chocolate Sorting Beans Chocolate Lab Bean to Bar

As we gear up for increased production and the first of our bean-to-bar classes this fall, I’ve compiled some surprising facts about the different stages of the chocolate making process. These observations may be old hat to professional chocolate makers, but they are rarely—if ever—considered by chefs and consumers.

Read on to learn surprising facts about the chocolate making process.