The Old Pink

Row 1

223 Allen St (btwn Mariner & College)
Buffalo, NY 14201
(716) 884-4338

Foursquare Tips

  • You NEED to order a Steak Sandwich, for 10 dollars it is well worth it.
  • wash your hands
  • Get the steak sandwich. Don't ask any questions or look behind the bar, just get the steak sandwich.
  • Where else in Buffalo would you rather go at 3:30AM?
  • If it's after 2am The Old Pink is the place to be. Dark, wet and filled with interesting folks and great bar staff. If EVR is DJing the music is as phenomenal as the patrons.
  • Dive bar for late night drinking. Dark & cozy. Obscure indie vinyls are candy to your ear drums. Grill has 50 years of seasoning from the best steak sandwiches. Pool table. The Black Keys drink here.
  • Easily the best bathroom in buffalo!
  • There HAS to be poop on the floor hidden somewhere in the darkness. Only logical explanation for the stench in this place.
  • Vodka Loganberry.
  • Don't black out. You may wake up In unfamiliar territory
  • Place reminds me of silent hill
  • Spooky Business' home base. Best steak sandwich..same piece of meat as Mothers!
  • I concur with Adrian, the steak sandwich is not to be missed.
  • WHAT TO EAT: The steak sandwich if youre feeling flush, the grilled bologna if you need that extra five dollars. Theres a good selection of microbrews, too. For full review, click Read more.
  • The steak sandwich is phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and treat yo' self.
  • A local waitress suggested this place to me. "Dark, dirty and smells like piss. You'll love it!" She's right ... on all accounts! ;)
  • I'm here a lot.. The steak sandwiches do rock.
  • Dear toilet paper, what is going on? Why are you nailed to the stall?
  • The best place to be drunk.
  • If playing popo in pool...beware

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