Audi Yankees Club

Row 1

Yankee Stadium (Gate 2, Left Field, Suite Level)
Bronx, NY 10452
(646) 977-8813

Foursquare Tips

  • Sit at the bar and hang with Faith. She's the best.
  • Maggie, James, Daniella, Melissa and Faith are the best! Tip well!!!
  • Say hi to Daniel!
  • Security guard downstairs said no beer, so we chugged ours. Guard at the Audi entrance said yes beer but no food. So we had to leave. Fucking idiots better get their stories straight!!
  • Cool spot to watch game
  • The calamari is great. Nice portion and Melissa is great behind the bar
  • Audi over Mohegan
  • Oh hey, they have a buffet! Major bummer is you hear the TVs instead of the stadium, can't hear any of the stadium announcer or speaker system, very big issue
  • Poppers in da house!
  • We enjoyed a high-end buffet while watching the game from inside the relaxed and climate controlled area.
  • Food looks better than it tastes. Staff could use guidance on service. And the glass enclosure makes you feel as if you're almost not at the game.
  • Go Royals!
  • Had an amazing experience at the Audi club! The food and dessert selection was great, I loved the lamb and steak during my visit tender and juicy. Drinks were strong yet smooth.
  • If you don't have seats here you can only enjoy access to the bar...and only if there is enough room!
  • Unless you have reserved seats, not much of a need to go here. Just a bar. Might as well stay home and go to the local drinking place.
  • here's where you want to be to keep it cool and classy!
  • Out in left field? No problem. The view's good & weatherproof. An all-you-can-eat, 2-hour buffet satisfied. But groups are now favored w/discounts. Single tickets have climbed to $175, $200 gameday.
  • say hi to the mayor and get a free dog!! ;-)
  • Not bad, if you can afford it.