Barnes & Noble

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Foursquare Tips

  • Do you want to know a secret? You can find it here...
  • coffee and a book. relax and read. For me it's clock in and get paid. :)
  • Support your local bookstore.
  • Coffee!!!~ can you believe the relaxation of having a book to read and having a sweat warm beverage on a winter night, oh oh oh I know how about a sweet ice tea on a summer morning!! 5 out of 5!!!
  • Their Chocolate Chai Tea Latte wasn't bad. I will have to try the CheeseCake factory cupcakes one day...they look yummy! :-)
  • No power outlets available. Make sure your laptop is fully charged if you bring it in.
  • Books! This is a nice quiet store
  • Big & beautiful B&N.
  • Best place to browse, waste time, find a gift or find the perfect book or CD.
  • They don't have enough outlets in the cafe and management doesn't care enough to put more in. So lame. Just go somewhere else if you need free Wifi.
  • Adorable Hundred Acre Woods puppet stage for the kids!