Barnes & Noble

Thornton, CO 80233
(720) 872-2619


  • Smaller store, but a better selection. Very nice place to relax and book shop.
  • We have nook on hand! Stop on by for a personal demo. Great mothers day gift!
  • Great story times Friday nights and Saturday mornings
  • Every girl loves books!
  • I may shop on Amazon a lot. And Barnes and Noble may be a chain, but you should support local bookstores like this one.
  • It is nice to be able to browse and flip through books sometimes instead of buying books from a screen.
  • When they ask you for your email address, just tell them you don't own a computer.
  • Nicole is the best barista! She understands customer service! I tipped her well for service. Be generous folks, give gratitude to Nicole!
  • People complain about the lack of outlets but the store was built back before the time of WiFi mooching. Beggars can't be choosers, people!
  • Make sure to charge up before coming here. There are no outlets. Not too friendly for laptop users
  • Good place but the cafe only has one plug in for 15 tables.
  • Lots of tables and chairs all throughout the store for relaxing and reading.
  • Small and cozy. If you're looking for selection, there are better b&n's out there.
  • Best place to just hangout. :)

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