Barnes & Noble

Bookstore, Gift Shop
1125 Woodruff Rd #1810
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 627-9197


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  • Best bookstore ever!
  • When ya buy whatever the sample thing they do in the cafe just encourages em to do more samples. So, buy more of what they sample. Okthxbye.
  • A good book and a Latte!
  • Best selection and books.
  • So festive here. Kids love it.
  • I love the half off clearance sale.
  • My favorite place at Greenridge.
  • Great nook sale!
  • So festive here.
  • This is a great Barnes & Noble. People great! Cafe opens at 8am! Has a NOOK boutique. <3 it here.
  • the shops at gridlock! so crowded that nobody goes there anymore. traffic flow designed by stevie wonder or something. ~~~shaky fist!~~~
  • The parking and traffic flow at the Shops of Greenridge is pathetic!
  • Clearance section is where it's at.
  • They have a great storytime (with crafts) for preschoolers on Tuesday & Thursdays!
  • My favorite place
  • Looks like lots of big new titles!
  • Lots of new releases. Wow!
  • Big toy clearance today. Wow!!!
  • Tazo Chai Tea Latte, ummmm

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