Bar Tazza D'oro (金钟咖啡酒吧)

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上海市, 上海市


  • Nice place to rest and have a drink after shopping
  • Expensive and boring, so called, western food with no veggies. They survive by their smack in the middle location.
  • Disgusting place for everything!
  • Disgusting place!
  • Disgusting place for breakfast
  • Absolutely adored the view, in fact had to come also at night fir a great view of the Nanjing Pedestrian road with all the lights....The cappuccino is very authentic! Loved the pizza :)
  • Nice beer and view on the square
  • Quite expensive but they have Stella draft beer
  • Such a nice place with fantastic view at night
  • Have a drink and eat something and just let the thousands of people pass by...

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