Bahia Honda State Park

State / Provincial Park
36850 Overseas Hwy
Big Pine Key, FL 33043
(305) 872-3210


  • rustic relaxation in Tropical island setting. 40 miles from Key West, Bahia Honda State Park is known for gorgeous beaches, a bike trail, snorkeling offshore on Looe Key, kayaking, & tarpon fishing.
  • Wildlife watch for Yellow-crowned Night Heron
  • Bahia Hondas unique climate allows marine plants & wildlife species of Caribbean origin to thrive including the largest strand of the threatened Silver Palms. Also, find great tarpon fishing here.
  • You can launch a boat here and head out. Swimming is usually fantastic at Sand-spur Beach. Lots to explore, with the Old Bridge and Nature Trails.
  • This is the best & most beautiful natural beach in the Keys! There's kayaking, snorkeling, nature trails, picnic areas, boat ramps & amazing soft white sand if you just want to kick back & relax.
  • Best beaches in the Keys - but they aren't groomed so there are usually some piles of seaweed on shore. Usually not a bother tho and really attract wildlife so way worth it!
  • Great beach! Don't forget to take the Looe Key snorkeling trip out of the park. Excellent snorkeling. Ice cream @ the concession is large and inexpensive.
  • Saw a stingray, conch in a shell and aBIG school of tarpin.
  • Ok, the keys aren't spoiled with white sandy beaches - so maybe the best beach around, but not as great as I've expected
  • Sensacional!!! Lugar lindo, gua maravilhosa. Muito bonito!
  • One of the best Fl parks .
  • Amazing! Paradise!
  • paradyse!!!!
  • Great time snorkeling !!
  • This is a wonderful park! So much to do with family! Beautiful shallow waters so even our 4 year old had no problems playing in the water! The kayaking is lots of fun! Family-friendly trails.
  • Aside from the man-made white sand beach at Morada Bay & Pierre's, this is probably the best beach you'll find in Upper, Middle and Lower Keys.
  • I've been here three times. Love it. The bugs (copepods?) we're jumping all over the beach. It was annoying to sit on the beach with them this time. Other than that it was great as always!
  • Best beach in the Keys. Skip the butterfly garden. Come at high tide for swimming, or a sunset walk.
  • Awesome state park. But when it comes to camping good luck getting and reservation
  • Call ahead to 395 872 2353 to check visibility if you want to snorkle. Windy days churn up the water and give no visibility.

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Bahia Honda State Park
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