Badlands National Park

National Park
25216 Ben Reifel Rd (Highway 240)
Interior, SD 57750
(605) 433-5361


  • Sunsets in the Badlands are beautiful.
  • Be prepared to get some AMAZING Photo spots! and watch those rattlers!
  • Be on the lookout for fossils the park has one of the most complete fossil accumulations in North America. The park also provides amazing stargazing & hosts an astronomy festival in early August!
  • Fantastic park. Don't miss the scenic drives in the western part of the park for fantastic wildlife viewing. Notch trail is my favorite day trail.
  • One of the only National Parks where you can climb and touch everything! Enjoy this park while it lasts, just stay hydrated and be careful.
  • Head to White River Visitor Center (only open during summer) to get the second cancellation stamp for your passbook. On the way, get some lumpia from the food truck (outside gas station) in Scenic.
  • Go all the way through to Interior and Scenic
  • Beautiful to drive thru, lots of lookouts to stop at, water station at the visitor center! A must stop!
  • Very hot during the afternoon. Being a hat and lots of water.
  • Wildlife & Snow Drifts never seen the Badlands like this before
  • Eroding at an inch a year I would say NOW is the best time to visit this national geological monument. The vistas are beautiful. The wind is harsh.
  • This is a beautiful and interesting place!
  • Wildlife watch for Plains Garter Snake (Thamnophis radix)
  • Perfect place to experience the wonder of nature.
  • Couldn't recommend enough. Great overlooks. Lots of wildlife. The castle trail is a nice 5 hour hike. Free out and back backpacking. We will definitely be back to do some backpacking.
  • Beautiful and surreal. Wear lots of sunscreen.
  • The scenery here is amazing. I love the variety of hiking trails available. Also seeing the big horn sheep being so close to the road was pretty neat.
  • It is smaller than a lot of national parks but don't let that fool you. Still a lot to do. Recommend visiting the north visitors center first.
  • Scenic views
  • Don't pass up this park! Unique scenery and a national treasure!

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