Badgers Island Pizzeria

3 Island Ave
Kittery, ME 03904
(207) 439-5996



  • okay c'ya!!!
  • Bon soir, y'all.
  • Anyway, I was born in Portsmouth, NH quite some time ago. Spent many years away. Was good to be back for that brief stint. Happy to have eaten there at Badger's Island Pizza.
  • no answer from the drummer. sorry.
  • currently watching SW the force awakens.
  • you had an awesome afterglow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lead singer is in peril... bassist stays with him. Lead singer kinda aged under care now... can't seem to cut the mustard with EDino. We might be a three piece. I'm going to call the drummer now. kewl
  • Actually, a superb submarine.
  • Good sub too...
  • Loved the Landshark beer!!!
  • Heyaz, To the waitress with the tattoo on her left arm large. Sounds good first album not that it's registered. Try under Electric Dinosaurs. Fender pick. Back in the tropics now. Ciao!
  • Calzones are amazing here! And the owners are very friendly.
  • Best in town for good ol New York style pizza. Good grinders, too. Super nice folks.