Azul Airlines

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Azul Airlines

Azul airlines meals are included in the price of your ticket on domestic as well as international flights. On domestic services the airline will offer you snacks such as Goiabinha, Donuts, Orange cookies, Gummy candy, Potato Chips, Fruit and Nut mix (almonds, peanuts and raisins), Japanese-style peanuts, biscuits as well as beverages from Coke, Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Water and Coffee.


A choice of two hot meals (usually a choice of either beef, chicken or pasta) all you can eat snacks, toasted bread followed by wines, beers, juices, water, soft drinks, and coffee is usually served on international flights.


Special meals on Azul Airlines can be booked during the booking process or by contacting the airline here. Meals require at least 48 hours notice and only available on international flight.

Special meal options include Baby Meal, Child Meal, Diabetic Meal, Low Salt, Kosher, and Vegetarian.


Passengers will have the option to order their food immediately at the start of the flight in order to eat an ‘express’ lunch. Inflight meals will consist of two choices of appetisers, four choices of hot meals, a soup, salad, toasted bread, cheeses, fruits and two choices of dessert. Beverages are similar to economy class but also include Vodka and Cachaca.



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