Stacie Adams

Pittsburgh, PA
La Roche University, Pittsburgh Filmmakers' School
Baking, Sushi, Junk Food
  • Stacie loves sampling new cuisines and flavors at the many great restaurants throughout Pittsburgh.
  • She's well-known among friends and family for her amazing cookie sandwiches, complete with homemade icing.
  • Her pizza opinions are somewhat controversial, but she's always willing to entertain an opposing argument.


Stacie has been writing professionally since 2001. She's covered a variety of topics as a freelance writer, from the dangers of DIY plumbing to the origins of the Caesar salad. She's particularly passionate about everything bagels, especially when slathered in jalapeño cream cheese. In addition to publishing marketing content, she's been published in Thought Catalog, Taste of Cinema, and many local Pittsburgh publications.


Stacie has a bachelor's degree in communications and filmmaking. She began her writing career immediately after graduation and hopes one day to become a professional screenwriter.
Stories By Stacie Adams