Haldan Kirsch

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Duquesne University, Ohio University
Italian Food, Sourdough Baking, Photography
  • Haldan knows that recipes are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to talking about food.
  • Sharing foods and experiences related to the topic is his favorite way to connect to others.
  • A well-traveled foodie, He loves finding out where the locals eat.


Haldan is a food writer that has always used his work as another way to explore his passions. His first article ever written was about the transcendent experience of eating in Rome while studying abroad. Since then he's explored agriculture, foods cultural heritage, and it's importance in rituals and ceremony.


Haldan has earned a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, where he explored the Steel City's growing food scene and studied abroad in Rome, Italy. He then went onto earn a Master's Degree in Photography from Ohio University while exploring local agriculture and foodways in Appalachia.
Stories By Haldan Kirsch