Emily Kammerlohr

Houston, Texas
Mount Holyoke College
Real Estate, Home Decor, House Hacks
  • Emily has been writing in the real estate niche for 6 years.
  • She has written hundreds of articles across many publications exploring everything from private mortgage insurance to feng shui.
  • A lifelong fan of organizing, Emily has read every single Marie Kondo publication and spends hours a day researching homes on Zillow.


Emily got her start as a writer working at the Mount Holyoke College newspaper during her days as an undergraduate. She founded the popular travel blog She's a Trip shortly after her 2015 graduation and has been working as professional writer ever since across the travel, automotive, non profit, real estate, and sales niches. Emily's global perspective influences her writing, as she's traveled to 25 countries and lived abroad in both Italy and Australia.


Emily earned her B.A. in English Literature and Classics from Mount Holyoke College in 2015. Her liberal arts education enables her to research deeply and write about a variety of issues.
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