Ask A Denver Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Ask A Denver Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving is a time for family, when everyone comes together to celebrate and enjoy a huge meal. Why not take advantage of the day (and the fact that the kids are out of school) to make some fun crafts that you can enjoy during the holiday season? Spending this quality time with your kids is a great way to make some new family memories, plus the kids will love feeling so involved in the holiday itself. Sure, you can all make those same hand-traced turkeys that they make in school, or you can try one of these more creative ideas for something really special.

Mary Carol, Owner
The LambShoppe
3512 E. 12th Ave.
Denver, CO 80206
(303) 322-2223

Mary Carol, owner of the LambShoppe in Denver, offers lots of great products and classes for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about crafting with yarn. The LambShoppe has an extensive selection of yarn, knitting and crocheting supplies and offers lots of great classes for beginners and advanced yarn enthusiasts. Mary Carol offers some classes that are perfect for anyone wanting to make something special for the holidays. Included here are a few crafts to help make your Thanksgiving table truly special.

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Thanksgiving Yarn Turkey Centerpiece

The centerpiece of any table is always important, so use this simple craft with your kids to help them decorate the table in style. You can get all of the yarn you need at The LambShoppe, so pick out your favorite colors and have some fun. Simply wrap a 9-inch Styrofoam ball neatly with a thick, dark-brown yarn, making sure to cover it completely. Then use a smaller four-inch ball and cover it with a lighter brown yarn. Use a popsicle stick to attach the smaller ball to the larger ball so it looks like a head on the larger body. Once you have the basic outline of the turkey, simply use felt to create the eyes, feathers and wattle of your new centerpiece.

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Create Your Kids Table

If you have a kids table at your Thanksgiving, why not make it something really special so the kids don’t feel left out? Use some butcher paper as the tablecloth and spread some crayons around on the table. It helps to stick the butcher paper to the table using double-stick tape, so it won’t move around. Take some pretty paper and tape it to the table to make little pockets for the fork and knife and then use a complementary color paper to make the placemats for the kids. The kids can color on the table and keep themselves busy during the meal. The best part? When they make a mess, you can just throw everything away.

Plymouth Rock Place Cards

Get the kids involved in this fun Thanksgiving craft and they can make the place cards for the whole family. All you need are some large rocks from your garden, some pretty tempera paint and some pasta letters. Paint the rocks any color you like and let it dry completely. Once dry, use some simple school glue to attach the pasta letters to the rock to spell out the name of each person at the table. Then place your new Plymouth Rocks around the table as the place cards for each person. This is a fun and simple craft that any kid would love.

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