Apple SouthPark

Row 1

4400 Sharon Road (in SouthPark Mall)
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 972-3280
Electronics, Other Repair
Mon–Sat: 10:00 AM–9:00 PM Sun: Noon–6:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Always make Genius appointment if you have a service issue
  • Making a genius bar appointment is easy... Apple actually honoring that appointment, well be ready to wait 30 minutes plus.
  • Look for Patrick! He's the best!
  • Make an appointment with the Genius Bar BEFORE coming in for tech support.
  • Ask an "Apple Genius" that if they are so smart, why are they making minimum wage at a mall retail store.
  • Need to charge your device while waiting? Ask them for a cable and if they have room there are recepticals under the "Personal Training" tables.
  • Love the Geniuses. These guys know their stuff.
  • Genius bar staff is amazing! Make apt online
  • This store rocks!
  • Apple dress code extends from the neck to the waist. Anything else is fair game, guy wearing the Wampa hat.
  • Worst Apple Store experience ever- and I've been in stores in SF, NYC, Chicago, Albany & more. Was there for an hour and not one staffer came to ask me if I needed help. Which I did. Two thumbs down!
  • OMG make an appointment
  • Genius Bar check in/service is excellent!!
  • Tuesday night after 6pm is the least crowded time to browse & evaluate their products. Never attempt to do this on a Saturday.
  • Check out the new workshops that they offer free of charge, such as 'Shoot More Artistic Photos with iPhone' and 'Sketch, Draw, and Paint with iPad'. Start something new and unleash your inner artist!
  • Wonderful shop and amazing customer service
  • This is the best case for your iPhone better than Otterbox! It is made out of D3O impact material. The UK military uses it in their armor to stop bullets while the US uses it for other purposes.
  • If you're in a rush & its super busy... you need to have the Apple Store App- Use Easy Pay, scan your item and it charges to you Apple/iTunes account & you no need to even check out with a sales rep.
  • Sometimes their customer service is fantastic. Most of the time three players will stand around talking to each other and ignore you.
  • Apple > Microsoft