American Candle

Gift Shop, Hobbies, Arts & Crafts
route 611
Bartonsville, PA 18321
(570) 629-3388


  • Great place to visit!! They had everything that you coylf there! Pandora, Yankee Candles, Christmas collectibles, home decor, etc. By far, the nicest gift shop in the Poconos!!
  • The candy by the pound section is great. Lots if old time favorites and even trail mix sorts of things.
  • All new but a nice place to look around.
  • The selection here is second-to-none. The candles burn clean; the scents are truly authentic essential oils.Try coming during a holiday, like Halloween, for seasonal decor.
  • Yummy! All candy!
  • Huge candy store inside.
  • A must visit
  • Different from when i used to go. They now have Yankee Candles. Lots of gifts still
  • Candy by the pound! Helllloooo cavities!

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