AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24

Movie Theater, Cineplex
2121 Route 38
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 486-7420
9:00am - 9:30pm
9:00am - 9:30pm
9:00am - 9:30pm
9:00am - 9:30pm
9:00am - 9:30pm
9:00am - 9:30pm
10:00am - 7:30pm


  • They dont yell at you if you bring in wawa "coffee". Wink wink nudge nudge. :P
  • Hate coming to this place because of all the ignorant kids and Camden folks that hang out here, but coming super early (10:55 am) makes the movies enjoyable.
  • Have you been to the Tuttleman IMAX? That's an IMAX. This is a rip-off. Otherwise, decent multiplex that attracts the worst people in existence.
  • I'm never buying my tickets in advance. Every time I do there's no one to rip them and I walk in for free
  • This place sucks u won't be able to enjoy the movies if you decide to watch it here
  • Don't waste your money on the IMAX 3D.
  • The staff is incompetent and rude. Nobody knew anything and complained in plain sight. They should count their blessings they even have a job instead of treating the customers the way they do.
  • Agree with Gina Marie - this place is a dump.
  • Expect a lot of crying kids. Also people texting. Oh and of course a lot of talking. Oh and ladies watch your purses in the smaller theaters. We caught a pick pocket reaching through the seats!
  • The people who leave these tips about it being a dump are stuck up. Get over yourself. Its a damn movie theater not a 5 star restaurant.
  • yeah, it's not the greatest movie theater in the area, but it's pretty convenient to see an IMAX movie
  • Pretzel bites are the new popcorn
  • YALL HYPE !!!
  • This place would be great if it wasn't for the customers.
  • the imax here is a lie-max.
  • Staff is rude and strange. Very clean and nice looking.
  • I like it here. No problems.
  • Cheapest place ever! If you can avoid it , you should. Management is lazy, and staff follows their lead. I wish I could buy this place and hang a "under new management " sign!!!!!
  • Always end up having a bad experience at this theater...staff is kinda rude and there is always people talking in the theaters
  • Parking lot in the rear tends to be overlooked during busy times. Assigned compact parking along fence line.

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