AMC Indianapolis 17 with IMAX

Movie Theater, Cineplex
4325 S Meridian St (at Southern Plaza Dr)
Indianapolis, IN 46217
(317) 784-0989


  • Showplace has really went downhill since amc bought them out. How sad. :-(
  • Beware of the beverage sizing. A small is like a "normal" large. The large soda comes with an insulin chaser.
  • Big theater. Gross, dirty seats.
  • They have a bar now;)
  • IMAX is the only way to experience a movie here.
  • The right amount of cologne or body spray is when someone had to lean in to notice it, not the entire 3 rows surrounding you asshole!
  • Keep your freaking cell phones put away during the movie. The light from the screen is very distracting to those next to, and behind, you! If you can't go 2 hrs without checking your phone, STAY HOME!
  • Don't run up the steps. You'll trip. Or fall.
  • This place has become a pit since keresotes sold out.
  • Management is rude here.
  • This theater is great. AMC is a quality franchise. Although tickets can be expensive, Showplace 17 offers $5 movies M-Th until 5:55 PM and F-Su until 11:55 AM. Great digital cinemas and seating! A+
  • This is one of the bigger IMAX screens in town (not counting downtown) - much bigger than Traders Point
  • It has gotten really dirty and nasty since AMC took over! This screen room has piles of trash. Just had to dust trash off my chair....
  • Best theatre in town.! Clean, friendly and great.! Don't forget to get an AMC Stubs card :)
  • bring a tarp to cover the seat or wear old clothes... the seats are nasty
  • IMAX experience is where it's at! A little more expensive but worth it depending on the movie.
  • Love that they have cocktails now!
  • There are love stains all over the seats. Sorry.
  • The bar is open!
  • Get the AMC stubs card. It is great! Free upgrades, no online fees and rewards. It pays for itself.

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