AMC Fashion Valley 18

Row 1

7037 Friars Rd (at Fashion Valley Rd)
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 296-0370

Foursquare Tips

  • We're the Millers is such a great movie *_* u guys should watch it
  • See all movies before noon for $6, even new releases. Plus it tends to be a lot less crowded
  • Park at the top of the parking structures and use the bridges to walk across. Save time and the headache of parking.
  • Buy your tickets ahead of time! The theatres are tiny and sell out quickly. For new releases, get there early to get in line for two seats together.
  • Get the stubs card. If u come to the movies often it totally pays off. $10 for every $100 u spend. It adds up quick. Every third movie or so we get free popcorn and goodies!
  • Avid movie goers get the stubs card. Worth every penny.
  • The Stubs card is a crock of pooey. I have to spend 61 more dollars before I get any benefit.
  • Get a movie watchers card! I have one and I love it! Save your points and you can earn a free night at the movies! Small drink, popcorn, and a movie! Best part of it all is that it's FREE to join!
  • It's bettter you become membership for $20. Your popcorns will be free forever.
  • The restaurant downstairs STACKED sells discount tickets for $7.66 each (with purchase)!
  • never really a full theatre during the week in the day time, besttime to go is mondays and wednesdays before noon...really friendly staff
  • Finally, AMC has healthy snack options.
  • Hottest movie theater EVER! Maybe you should turn on the air for sold out shows or warn guests for option to bring fans'!!
  • Comfy seats.. but horrible parking
  • Imma first and only Russian here, I hope
  • I see movies all the time, Stubs is like a 10% discount .
  • Park at the top. Easy.
  • small theaters fill up quick. get there a little earlier than other theaters or you will sit up front.
  • Definitely take advantage of the early bird showing and Thursdays are discounted for students! Hurray!
  • Upgrade to the large popcorn/drink; unlimited refills!