AMC Courthouse Plaza 8

Movie Theater, Cineplex
2150 Clarendon Blvd (btw N Cleveland St & N Barton St)
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 243-4950


  • They just got a big time upgrade! Assigned seating, customizable drink machines. And leather recliners for every seat!
  • This place has been renovated and wow! Leather lazy boy seats are not to be missed! Some seats are connected so you can lift the arm rest (1&2) but not others (2&3) so choose well if you're on a date!
  • Wow! They have renovated the theatres and the seats. Get ur popcorn and coke ready, stretch ur seat and enjoy ur movie ;D
  • Eat popcorn. Get buttery. Feel chubby.
  • This is my first time at this theatre and I am in love already. They have recliner seats and you can reserve them. The aisles are big enough so you have plenty of room! My new favorite theatre!
  • Why did no one tell me that this theater got awesome?
  • Make out with your date in the dark!!!
  • The seats here are grade A. Plus, if you get the popcorn, you can add your own butter or flavors!
  • Not a great movie selection but great seats and space
  • Reclining leather armchairs? No reason to ever go to another theater
  • They finally re-did the theater!! Awesome big leather seats tha recline
  • Auto reclining seats and Coke Freestyle machines here, self serve, as well as self serve slushies. All AMC theaters should upgrade like this!
  • Wow! Reserved seats and recliners like a first class plane seat. Pretty great...unless you're on a date.
  • Huge leather seats that recline all the way back?! Oh yeah...this is the BEST theater in VA. Period.
  • Wowsers!!! Plush, red recliner seats!! Heck ya!
  • Join AMC Stubs! No online ticket fee, free upgrades on popcorn & fountain drinks, and $10 back for every $100 that you spend at AMC! Did I mention no online ticket fees??
  • Every theater has automatic overstuffed recliners...reserve your seat at the window and enjoy!
  • Newly renovated so that you can sit in reclining seats, way better than duking it out at Georgetown for a seat that doesn't recline.
  • I hate the one level seating arrangement. I wanna be higher. Lol
  • Showings usually dont start until after noon

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