AMC Courthouse Plaza 8

Row 1

2150 Clarendon Blvd (btw N Cleveland St & N Barton St)
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 243-4950

Foursquare Tips

  • They just got a big time upgrade! Assigned seating, customizable drink machines. And leather recliners for every seat!
  • This place has been renovated and wow! Leather lazy boy seats are not to be missed! Some seats are connected so you can lift the arm rest (1&2) but not others (2&3) so choose well if you're on a date!
  • Wow! They have renovated the theatres and the seats. Get ur popcorn and coke ready, stretch ur seat and enjoy ur movie ;D
  • Eat popcorn. Get buttery. Feel chubby.
  • This is my first time at this theatre and I am in love already. They have recliner seats and you can reserve them. The aisles are big enough so you have plenty of room! My new favorite theatre!
  • Why did no one tell me that this theater got awesome?
  • Make out with your date in the dark!!!
  • The seats here are grade A. Plus, if you get the popcorn, you can add your own butter or flavors!
  • Not a great movie selection but great seats and space
  • Reclining leather armchairs? No reason to ever go to another theater
  • They finally re-did the theater!! Awesome big leather seats tha recline
  • Auto reclining seats and Coke Freestyle machines here, self serve, as well as self serve slushies. All AMC theaters should upgrade like this!
  • Wow! Reserved seats and recliners like a first class plane seat. Pretty great...unless you're on a date.
  • Huge leather seats that recline all the way back?! Oh yeah...this is the BEST theater in VA. Period.
  • Wowsers!!! Plush, red recliner seats!! Heck ya!
  • Join AMC Stubs! No online ticket fee, free upgrades on popcorn & fountain drinks, and $10 back for every $100 that you spend at AMC! Did I mention no online ticket fees??
  • Every theater has automatic overstuffed recliners...reserve your seat at the window and enjoy!
  • Newly renovated so that you can sit in reclining seats, way better than duking it out at Georgetown for a seat that doesn't recline.
  • I hate the one level seating arrangement. I wanna be higher. Lol
  • Very quite and clean theater. Adjustable chairs and not too muxh seats are there. In addition, you must go in Tuesday and present your membership and you will get the tickets for $5 only.