Altria Theater

Row 1

6 N Laurel St (W Main St.)
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 592-3368
Performing Arts, Theater, Entertainment

Foursquare Tips

  • Host to a variety of events including Broadway, The Richmond Forum, concerts, comedians, childrens theater, lectures, school commencements and fashion shows.
  • Really nice for an evening out in RVa, especially if you enjoy the arts. I appreciate the Broadway in Richmond series. But avoid buying online bc there are all sorts of crazy fees.
  • Awesome Place my mom works for their company they did good job turning this place into a theater
  • Come in front door - no line
  • If you're planning to attend an "amplified" concert, avoid the seats far back in the balcony and (somewhat less so) the grand tier bad bass echoes there.
  • The sound is horrible in this place.
  • Saw Brian McKnight, Michael Buble', and Lady Gaga in concert at the Landmark
  • Wicked and a bunch of really famous Broadway productions have come here, along with nationwide touring acts like Heart (one of the more recent concerts), undergoing a beautifying renovation.
  • Student tickets are $8 at the box office - so check before you order online! Also pack your own snacks, the line is always too long at intermission.
  • Music, Comedy and Plays are the main attraction.
  • The Landmark was originally a Mason Hall.
  • They ran out of Alcohol.... WHO DOES THAT!?
  • For a stress free show:arrive 2 hrs early, park, walk/uber/taxi nearby for food, walk back to the theater, bring an empty water bottle-you can fill it at the water fountain inside.
  • If you're over 5'6" you're not going to like the seating. After the uncomfortable seating situation went to get a water and they were out. The kids kicking the back of my chair want pleasant either.
  • Apparently they have new seats. I couldn't tell.
  • Listening to the Rivhmond Pops band.Awesome
  • Watching Book of Mormon with some of the Pops ladies
  • Broadway in Richmond, musicals, plays
  • enjoy a Legend beer while you're here!
  • it sucks that they want to charge 2.50 to print your own tickets, hence the will call line is miles long. as is the line for the rest rooms. ugh!