An Abundance of Intriguing Burgers

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An Abundance of Intriguing Burgers

I create the “The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers” compilations by setting aside a few of the many burgers I encounter in the course of keeping up to date. Usually I have a dozen or so burgers from which I select eight or 10 to feature. What happened this week is that when I took a look at my list, gathered in the two weeks since the last “Most Intriguing” feature on Feb. 26, I found that I had set aside more than 40 burgers and photos. I liked them all.

Burger UP burger

Burger UP’s Rise and Shine Burger

It wouldn’t have been possible to pick even a dozen burgers from the list without overlooking some great ones. So I’m featuring all of them on a separate page here. That so many great burgers could go on menus in such a short time—and I’m not including any of the several dozen Burger of the Month specials compiled last week—is testament to the vibrancy of the burger business. I’ve said it before, and will again, that the boundless creativity of burger chefs amazes me.

Burgatory's "Fiddy Fiddy" Burger

Burgatory’s “Fiddy Fiddy” Burger

I like that this edition of “The Week’s Most Intriguing Burgers” includes creations from many that never have been on the list before. One is Pittsburgh’s great burger bar Burgatory. It was the 2013 and 2014 champ in the March Burger Brackets this site used to conduct (before everyone decided to do burger brackets). Its March 9 Burger of the Day starts with a garlic-crusted 50/50 beef-bacon patty and piles on smoked Gouda, pineapple maple braised pork, Chow Chow and candied bacon before landing it on a brioche bun. A keeper.

Burger UP in Nashville makes its first appearance, too, with a truly intriguing meatless burger called The Rise and Shine (house quinoa-fritter patty, sweet potato hash, grilled sweet onions, Swiss cheese, and a fried egg topped off with maple ketchup). Dip & Flip operates a few UK locations where gravy comes on the side with burgers for dipping. Its Fried Chicken Burger has cheese and green chiles, ketchup, mustard, cabbage slaw, pickle and, of course, gravy.

For a half century it operated as Taylor’s Refresher before the name was changed in 2010 to Gott’s Roadside, but it’s a legendary burger joint in St. Helena, Calif. In 2006 the James Beard Foundation recognized it as an American Classic. It doesn’t often add burgers, but it calls its latest the California Burger (Fried egg, Swiss cheese, bacon, balsamic onions, arugula and mayo on a toasted egg bun).

See? I couldn’t eliminate these burgers, and if you go here to see the complete list you’ll understand why I’m publishing them all. Don’t miss the Throwback Jack from Big Buns in Arlington, Va.; the Bleu Burger from Burger Joint in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the El President from Sesame Burgers and Beer in Charleston, S.C. These joints all make their first appearances, too. And look for the one with buttermilk-pancake buns. Enjoy a burger this weekend.

Big Buns' Throwback Burger

Big Buns’ Throwback Burger