7 Ways to Boost Your Culinary Education

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7 Ways to Boost Your Culinary Education


By Lauren Jessen—Student, School of Culinary Arts & Culinary Management


No matter what your goals are after graduating culinary school, there are countless ways you can maximize your education. While the classroom provides an incredible environment to learn in, real-world experience is critical for thriving both personally and professionally. School can give you the skills and the foundation, but here are seven ways I've learned you can expand upon your culinary training:


  1. Read, Read, Read
    While reading assignments are already a part of my Culinary Arts and Culinary Management curriculum, there is a seemingly infinite number of books that could take my learning even further. ICE is home to a robust library of publications about food science, food history, chef biographies, restaurant management and regional cuisines, as well as an impressive cookbook collection. As a student, we have free access to all these materials, so why not expand your education by creating a reading list that complements what you are learning in each module?
  2. Cook What You Love
    In addition to your scheduled classes, take advantage of ICE’s single-session cooking, baking and beverage classes through the schools of Recreational Cooking and Professional Development. From dim sum to Tuscan cooking, chocolate confections and modernist cuisine, there’s a class for nearly every interest. They’re also an awesome opportunity to meet other people who are interested in food!

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