6 Food Hacks to Eat Healthier in 2015

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6 Food Hacks to Eat Healthier in 2015

photo by Cristina Girod

Haven’t fulfilled your New Years resolution of eating well? Yeah, me neither. But with these food substitutions, you’ll be able to eat healthier without sacrificing your favorite meals.

Start the year off right:

1. When making breakfast at home…

Try switching your regular yogurt with Greek yogurt. This may sound like an small solution, but Greek yogurt has many more health benefits— it’s high in protein and has way less carbs and sodium than regular yogurt.

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Photo by Cristina Girod

2. When having breakfast out…

Don’t give up breakfast omelettes quite yet. Instead, ask for egg whites and spinach. Substituting eggs with egg whites saves you about 100 calories and 373 mg of cholesterol (one serving of egg whites is ~50 calories versus the usual ~155 calories). Adding spinach also packs in a lot of essential vitamins to start your day off right.

photo by Martha Breeding

Photo by Martha Breeding

3. When making lunch at home…

Stick to whole wheat or whole grain bread in your sandwich. Instead of using mayonnaise, try mashed avocados. They’re a great source of fiber and potassium and although avocados have a high fat content, since it’s a good fat it actually helps lower your cholesterol (Fun Tip: Avocados can also be used as a substitute for butter or oil when baking.)

photo by Cristina Girod

Photo by Cristina Girod

4. When having lunch out…

Order a salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Not all salads are healthy, and the usual culprit is the fattening dressing. Olive oil has been found to lower your risk for heart disease, so this light and healthy substitution is the way to go.

photo by Cristina Girod

Photo by Cristina Girod

5. When making dinner at home…

Try organic black bean pasta instead of normal bleached pasta. Black beans are Superfoods packed with protein and they lack the heavy carbs of regular pasta. Plus, you can hardly even taste the difference.

photo by Luis Red edited by Cristina Girod

Photo by Luis Red edited by Cristina Girod

6. When ordering dinner out…

Substitute white rice with brown rice (or no rice at all!). White rice is refined brown rice, meaning it is stripped of its iron, zinc, magnesium, and other nutrients. Although it’s hard to tell, one sushi roll has a cup of rice and this small substitution will make your meal a lot healthier.

photo by Cristina Girod

Photo by Cristina Girod

With these simple substitutions, start eating healthier this year.

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