5 Best Turkey Sandwiches In NYC

5 Best Turkey Sandwiches In NYC

Who says you have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy a turkey sandwich? At these five restaurants in New York City, the turkey sandwich is good all year round — not just at 2 a.m. when you’re poking through the fridge. By Jessica Allen.

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 Court Street Grocers / Facebook)

(credit: Court Street Grocers / Facebook)

Court Street Grocers

116 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY

(347) 529-6803

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With two locations in Brooklyn and a sandwich emporium in Hell’s Kitchen, Court Street Grocers is definitely on to something. In fact, the Red Hook hero shop is on to two things: “The Ollie” includes roast turkey breast, broccoli rabe, Sriracha honey, provolone cheese, and mayo, while the less creatively named “turkey sandwich” also has roast turkey breast and mayo, along with red onion, arugula, and bread and butter pickles. Add bacon for $2.

 Mile End Deli / Facebook)

(credit: Mile End Deli / Facebook)

Mile End Deli

97A Hoyt Street
Brooklyn, NY

(718) 852-7510

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Mile End Deli began life in a garage a few years ago, when the owners began serving the Jewish comfort food of their youth in Montreal. Today, at its NoHo location, you can get chicken soup with matzah balls, beef brisket, sour pickles, chopped liver, and smoked chicken, among other items, including a turkey sandwich. “The Grandpa” combines turkey rillettes, smoked turkey, pickles, and mustard on—you guessed it—rye bread.

 Torrisi Italian Specialties / Facebook)

(credit: Torrisi Italian Specialties / Facebook)


248 Mulberry Street
New York, NY

(212) 993-7189

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To make its version of the turkey sandwich, the folks at Parm begin by slow roasting a turkey in garlic, honey, and herbs. The meat is sliced, then piled on a sweet semolina roll or classic Italian bread (for a hero, as pictured), along with tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, and served in a plastic red basket. This restaurant, along with its sibling Torrisi, specializes in Italian-American food, red sauce and gravy and sandwiches you can barely get your mouth around.

 Peels / Facebook)

(credit: Peels / Facebook)


325 Bowery
New York, NY

(646) 602-7015

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Peels, an extremely popular restaurant on the Bowery, calls its turkey sandwich a “Gobblecardo.” It layers smoked turkey atop avocado, atop chili mayo, atop cotija cheese, and it’s available during Peels’ late afternoon menu — an ideal way to tide you over from a late breakfast to a late dinner. Or you can get it on the brunch menu, along with a side of cheddar-jalapeno grits, hash browns, or sauteed kale, a busy buzzy affair.

 William Hallet / Facebook)

(credit: William Hallet / Facebook)

William Hallet

36-10 30th Avenue
Queens, NY

(718) 269 3443

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William Hallet, a bar/bistro in Astoria, serves a unique turkey sandwich, a “Hallett original.” The so-called turducken meatloaf starts with meatloaf made from turkey, duck, and chicken (hence the name). Onto an onion roll it goes, along with bourbon ketchup and bacon. Only available at dinner, it comes with a side of fries. The sandwich is rich and satisfying and hearty, all at once, not to mention tasty. So very, very tasty. Plus, it has a fun name.

Jessica Allen blogs at We Heart New York.