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The 25 Worst Foods to Bring to a Party

These dishes are an instant party fail

So you’ve been invited to a party! Congratulations! You’re set in for an evening filled with music, friends, and fun. And you’re certainly not a rude party guest, so you know the most courteous thing to do is to bring along a dish to share with your host and your fellow revelers. But you have no idea where to start. Perhaps the best way to decide what to bring to a party is to know what not to take.

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Listen, there are plenty of delicious dishes to bring to a party. You don’t have to resort to bringing flavorless foods, controversial ingredients, or something that’s premade at the grocery store and actually quite sad. And you don’t have to be a master chef in order to bring an impressive potluck dish. Some of the best dishes and the biggest crowd-pleasers are oh-so-simple. (See: Buffalo chicken dip.)

No one wants to show up to a party empty-handed. But, if you’re tempted to bring these 25 awful foods as your guest, you may be better off

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