How Junk Food Taxes Work and More News

In today's Media Mix, Yankees 'Craft Beer' stand controversy, plus John DeLucie's new project

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Yankees' 'Craft Beer': Turns out, the "Craft Beer Destination" stand at Yankee Stadium is more of a Blue Moon, Crispin cider, big beer destination. [OPB]

McDonald's Settles Muslim Lawsuit: After a Detroit resident sued the brand for false advertising, after eating a chicken sandwich he found was not halal, the franchise owner decided to settle and avoid court. [Examiner]

John DeLucie Opening Chelsea Restaurant: DeLucie's Crown Group is reportedly in talks to open a casual Italian café in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, complete with outdoor seating. [Grub Street]

Junk Food Tax: Here's an infographic supporting the junk food tax, showing how it will affect government income and obesity. []

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Free Beer for Jobs: A man is offering his work ethic and a ton of free beer to anyone who will offer him a job. [New Zealand Herald]